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Welcome to the Denton Republican Womens' Club


We are a grassroots club committed to helping keep you informed, educated, and encouraged in maintaining those principles set forth in the Constitution of the United States of America.  Building on the club’s 70-year history, we look forward to working with you in supporting and electing candidates at every level of government, who demonstrate these values and uphold these principles.  We believe that our strength as a community and as a nation rest in the promotion of Republican ideals. 


Our members are dedicated individuals, from every walk of life, who recognize that in working together as “we the people,” we can influence the outcome of elections, legislation, and in doing so, hold our elected officials accountable to our party’s belief in bottom-up leadership.  Only through pulling together through conservative activism will we be able to affect all aspects of our communities, our state, and our nation.   


We welcome your ideas, your questions, and your suggestions on how we can stay strong.  If you would like to become a member, or renew your membership, please click on our membership tab.

Officers - 2022

Susan Passariell      -  President

Tiffany Haertling      -  1st VP - Program

Ev Harman                - 2nd VP - Membership

Lee Ann Breading    - 3vd VP - Finance/PAC

Carol Ryan                - Recording Secretary

Committee Chairs

Margie Arens             - Ex Officio

Carol Ryan                 -Phone Tree

Lynn Yeargain           - Campaign Activities

Jean Carter               - Hospitality

Tiffany Haertling      - Corresponding Secretary

Jenny Harris             - Publicity

Jean Carter               - Chaplin  

Melody Kouhout        - Legislative      

Ev Harman                 - Newsletter

Lynn Yeargain           - Scholarship

Ev Harman                - Website

Ev Harman                - Historian

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